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Renting a new home?

Say NO to checks

With Sqaak's unique payment process renters can set up their rental security deposit ​right from the site

AND totally free!



Fund your deposit or assign a house to those funds.


Capture and send funds to your bank account


Coordinate and oversee your rental transactions

Registering as an agent requires contact from the Sqaak team. Please provide your email address here and we will contact you


Sqaak is a service that adds a new level of convenience and security to funding your rental security deposit. Using the same bank ACH network you use to pay bills or share a cab, Sqaak creates a two-step process that will give renters (and landlords) peace of mind.

Transfer your money to you

Instead of writing a check to the landlord, you transfer funds from your bank into your Sqaak account.

LET everyone see your money

While your lease is being negotiated anyone with the code can verify your security deposit. But that's all they can do - they can't access them until you say so.

You grant access to the money

When it’s time for you to deliver a security deposit, you get a text message from Sqaak to confirm the funds capture. Once you confirm, we send your funds right away.

Security is so important to us, it’s the first letter of our name.

Let’s face it - when talking about moving money around on the internet, the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Ours too. That's why we have gone to great lengths to put security first.


Sqaak’s payment system opens a channel for you to connect to your bank online and transfer your earnest money. As soon as you log out, the channel closes and your remaining funds are as secure as when you started.

Full PCI Compliance for transactions

Your personally-identifying information is kept on secure servers, transmitted over secure lines, and tucked away after your transfer is complete.

Money isn't released until you say so

Our unique two-step funding process makes sure the only person releasing your money is you. We will show you who is trying to collect and only you can confirm the transfer.

To pay or not to pay - That is the question

Sqaak is a totally new service - and that's why we can create new rules on who pays for what we offer. We’ve thought about these rules for a long time because we want you to have choices, too.

Using Sqaak (and keeping control of your money) costs $9.95. You can pay that amount as you go through the funding process and everything will be cool. When your funds are captured there is no additional cost...or if you need to get your funds back we do that free too.

Some of our friends have already paid for you to use our service. Isn't that great? To take advantage of this FREE service you can either enter your prepaid code (these codes are often provided by landlords) or you can let the awesome people of the Sqaak Home Marketplace pick up the tab for you. When you join the marketplace or use the code, we just let the people who paid your bill know you are making an offer, so they can reach out to help.

Who participates in the Sqaak Home Marketplace?

If you're writing a contract for a home these are people you may need to contact anyway. We just save you the time of looking for them.


Sqaak can connect you with moving companies and truck rentals to help make your move easier and more productive.


Since you're moving to a new place why not get introduced to the best places to eat? Our connections will connect you to some of the area's hot spots.

Insurance Professionals

Renters insurance is going to be a part of your plan and you are going to want to know the people who know it best. Sqaak will provide the introduction.

QUESTIONS? WE’re here to help.

Feel free to contact us any time if there’s anything you need help with or aren’t sure about.

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